Sam's Game

The Horned Hold
Weak willed Duergar and slaves

Orison’s Journal – Twelfth Entry

We have found the slaver source, and perhaps the location of these peasants my allies seek. I have little hope for anything of value within this place, but the chores must get done one way or another.

Orison’s Journal – Thirteenth Entry

The dark dwarves fall with predictable ease. A soul that spends so long fleeing Death puts up little fight when it is finally brought to ground.

Orison’s Journal – Fourteenth Entry

We have met heavy resistance within the hold. The Duegar leader put up a tough fight, but I claimed his home for the Raven Queen with newfound power. He died cringing in a corner bathtub. All kneel equally before Death.

ADDED NOTE We have heard whispers of Supernal in the next room! The wizard claims it must be a Spined Devil. Such an enemy presumes to take souls in place of their rightful Owner. The opportunity to bring Death to an immortal!! I shudder with eager anticipation.

The Chamber of Bone
Patience rewarded!

Orison’s Journal – Ninth Entry

We’ve been sent on another go and fetch mission. I offered to get the drow a wife. 40 gold base, negotiable on her looks. Heh. I’m feeling more erratic. The fey mischief has returned.

Orison’s Journal – Tenth Entry

Upon hearing of an undead spellcaster lurking within the maze I prayed long and hard to encounter and slay this abomination. I was rewarded! The pitiful fool fell beneath an onslaught of divine power. Even better, he possessed a key to The Chamber of Bone. My more historically inclined allies might know more, but surely it is filled with limitless undead! Joy!

Orison’s Journal – Eleventh Entry

We stormed the chamber and slaughtered it’s filthy undead inhabitants. Every footfall on crunching bone has been rapturous. For my faith I received a neck piece of eldritch power. It increases my ability to heal and avoid death. The holy scriptures never said that the Raven Queen was such a tease.

Wretched hive of slavers

Orison’s Journal – Seventh Entry

We’ve come searching for the kidnapped people. We were assaulted by some slavers…and some more slavers. If it is your fate to be a slave then be happy with it. Or kill yourself.

Orison’s Journal – Eighth Entry

Duergar? Really? I could see the fear in their eyes. It is no wonder Death came for them so swiftly. But there is no joy in bringing the End to mortals. Such poor manners to offer the Queen what she already holds in her hands – and then claim it a gift!

Another City
Faith keeps me strong in the face of doubt

Orison’s Journal – Fifth Entry

Yet another city. Peasants have been disappearing, but it could have been anything. We met the Baron of this place, and I convinced him to lend us his aid. The ranger, Magda, thinks she saw something unusual out of the corner of her eye. Our host does not show himself in a mirror. Interesting, but it could mean any number of things.

Maximillion thinks he’s a vampire. Perhaps, but I would be wasting my death to face the Baron here. I will bide my time.

Orison’s Journal – Sixth Entry

We’ve met some wizard brothers. We had questions about the Baron, about that silly mirror trinket. They were of little help. The local crime boss set some spies on us, but Ragnar helped them down from the roof.

A New Hope
Called further along a misty path

Orison’s Journal – Third Entry

I’ve returned to Winterhaven. The fool Paedrag will not abandon his inferior god. The Queen has shown them all her power and protection, but they still cling to that lesser power Erathis? Or was it Melora? What do I care. I convinced him to honor The Raven Queen’s shrine in the cemetary, at least.

Orison’s Journal – Fourth Entry

We’re setting out for another city. One of my companions received a request or some such. There is little of interest there, but my fellows are clearly favored by the Queen. I will give it some time.

I thought my journey was finished

Orison’s Journal – First Entry

I begin this journal to organize my thoughts. My path has always been so sure, but now I am uncertain. Maybe I can find a pattern?

Orison’s Journal – Second Entry

It’s been a while since we’ve seen any enemies of my Queen. I’m beginning to worry that I have fallen off the path. Perhaps I was meant to die in the depths of Shadowfell Keep? But then why would the Queen not take take me? Why leave me here to deal with the flotsam and jetsam of the world? I will continue on with this party. Strays they are, but blessed by the Queen regardless. Perhaps there is more yet to come.


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