Sam's Game

Another City

Faith keeps me strong in the face of doubt

Orison’s Journal – Fifth Entry

Yet another city. Peasants have been disappearing, but it could have been anything. We met the Baron of this place, and I convinced him to lend us his aid. The ranger, Magda, thinks she saw something unusual out of the corner of her eye. Our host does not show himself in a mirror. Interesting, but it could mean any number of things.

Maximillion thinks he’s a vampire. Perhaps, but I would be wasting my death to face the Baron here. I will bide my time.

Orison’s Journal – Sixth Entry

We’ve met some wizard brothers. We had questions about the Baron, about that silly mirror trinket. They were of little help. The local crime boss set some spies on us, but Ragnar helped them down from the roof.



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