Sam's Game

The Chamber of Bone

Patience rewarded!

Orison’s Journal – Ninth Entry

We’ve been sent on another go and fetch mission. I offered to get the drow a wife. 40 gold base, negotiable on her looks. Heh. I’m feeling more erratic. The fey mischief has returned.

Orison’s Journal – Tenth Entry

Upon hearing of an undead spellcaster lurking within the maze I prayed long and hard to encounter and slay this abomination. I was rewarded! The pitiful fool fell beneath an onslaught of divine power. Even better, he possessed a key to The Chamber of Bone. My more historically inclined allies might know more, but surely it is filled with limitless undead! Joy!

Orison’s Journal – Eleventh Entry

We stormed the chamber and slaughtered it’s filthy undead inhabitants. Every footfall on crunching bone has been rapturous. For my faith I received a neck piece of eldritch power. It increases my ability to heal and avoid death. The holy scriptures never said that the Raven Queen was such a tease.



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