Sam's Game

The Horned Hold

Weak willed Duergar and slaves

Orison’s Journal – Twelfth Entry

We have found the slaver source, and perhaps the location of these peasants my allies seek. I have little hope for anything of value within this place, but the chores must get done one way or another.

Orison’s Journal – Thirteenth Entry

The dark dwarves fall with predictable ease. A soul that spends so long fleeing Death puts up little fight when it is finally brought to ground.

Orison’s Journal – Fourteenth Entry

We have met heavy resistance within the hold. The Duegar leader put up a tough fight, but I claimed his home for the Raven Queen with newfound power. He died cringing in a corner bathtub. All kneel equally before Death.

ADDED NOTE We have heard whispers of Supernal in the next room! The wizard claims it must be a Spined Devil. Such an enemy presumes to take souls in place of their rightful Owner. The opportunity to bring Death to an immortal!! I shudder with eager anticipation.



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